Louise Maitland
Louise Maitland


  • Bachelor of Accounting (Charles Sturt University)

Louise Maitland graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Accounting in 2023.

With over 20 years of experience in diverse roles, encompassing retail, learning and development, and HR, Louise decided it was time to pivot towards her true calling—helping people with their finances. With banking and finance ingrained in her DNA from growing up around family members in these professions, Louise’s decision to pursue a career aligned with her innate interests was a natural progression.

After gaining over four years of administrative and bookkeeping experience, Louise joined Accumen in April 2024 as a graduate accountant. She was attracted by Accumen’s proactive approach and reputation for mentorship, along with its opportunities for career advancement.

Louise is currently focussed on tax planning and BAS statements and will expand her skillset through ongoing training opportunities. She enjoys Accumen’s friendly team culture, which fosters collaboration and creates an environment conducive to personal growth and professional development.

Louise’s dedication to her professional growth, coupled with her passion for finance and eagerness to learn, make her a valuable asset to the Accumen team. Her commitment to helping others achieve financial success and her desire to continuously improve align perfectly with Accumen’s values and vision.