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About us

noun   |  acc·u·men
“Skill in making correct decisions and judgments with keenness and depth of perception, especially in financial and practical business matters.”
Synonyms: astuteness | awareness | cleverness | discernment | insight | sharpness

“Your destination is not determined by the direction of the wind, but by the setting of your sail”.

Accumen was established in November 2016 from a passion to help clients navigate the wind, set their sail, and reach their destination.

Accumen brings together two critical ingredients, which are essential for business to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing business world:

  • Accounting expertise – detailed technical skills as Chartered accountants and tax agents
  • Business acumen – instinctive, intuitive and non-substantive guidance in business strategy

The Accumen team are dedicated to leveraging technology to meet your compliance obligations as efficiently as possible, to produce your management reporting needs, and to support you in ‘setting the sails’ for your business success. We are committed to forming life long partnerships with a focus on ‘your’ big picture.

“Being a trusted business advisor is an incredibly satisfying career, especially for those that put in the hard yards and go the extra mile for their clients. This requires staying relevant, keeping on top of the game, and doing the right thing. At Accumen, we are committed to personal development and continuous improvement to help us get the best possible results for our clients. We know that magic happens outside our comfort zone”.

David Cooke,
Director, Accumen