Bridget Eastburn | Accumen Accountants and Business Advisors
Accumen Administration team member

  • Business Administration (Cert III)

Bridget Eastburn joined our adminstration team in June 2023 and has quickly become an integral part of the Accumen family. With a background spanning various service and retail roles, she found her true calling in the field of business administration. Bridget’s journey from her early days as an Au pair to her current role showcases her determination and adaptability, making her an exceptional addition to our team.

Having completed a traineeship at a local accounting firm in 2020, Bridget has spent the intervening years honing her skills in administration practices. Her expertise in Xero and her adeptness with Excel spreadsheets allows her to efficiently manage financial data and transactions, ensuring smooth communication between our accounting team and our clients. Bridget’s meticulous approach to her work and her dedication to providing exceptional client service ensures that each interaction is seamless and leaves a positive impression for our business.

Bridget serves as the primary point of contact for Accumen’s clients. Her warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with excellent communication skills, helps establish positive and lasting relationships with our clients. She also actively liaises with government agencies, such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), to help ensure our clients meet their regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively.

Bridget enjoys the supportive and friendly work culture at Accumen, providing an environment where she can thrive both personally and professionally. Working alongside a team that values collaboration and continuous learning motivates Bridget to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm.

The strong emphasis on client satisfaction and the organisation’s commitment to excellence align perfectly with Bridget’s values, making her work at Accumen deeply fulfilling. She appreciates the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients and values the strong professional relationships that she builds with each one.

Outside of her work, Bridget finds joy in exploring her passion for cooking. Experimenting with new recipes and cuisines allows her to unwind and express her creativity. She also cherishes spending quality time with her family and friends, as these connections are an essential part of her life.

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