Streamlining your accounting? Xero can help. | Accumen Accountants and Business Advisors

When it comes to streamlining your accounting, have you had a look at Xero? We’re big fans and are delighted with the benefits clients are experiencing. Being able to invoice, create expense claims and view reports on the go, while collaborating with us and other team members saves them a stack of time. The business insights it offers into areas for possible improvement are also proving invaluable.
Other technological advancements in the business world are even seeing finance giants starting to use powerful intelligence like OCR (optical character recognition) combined with AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically read receipts and process other data. Imagine the 1000’s of hours this could save (as it’s proven for them) freeing up time for growth activities like business strategy…
Let us know if you are curious about or would like assistance implementing Xero in your business.